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Secondo il concetto di “lavoro chiavi in mano”, viene garantita al cliente una assistenza professionale continua in ogni fase esecutiva, dall’analisi di fattibilità del progetto al collaudo finale dell’opera.

Competenza, qualità, etica professionale, aggiornamento continuo sono i principi fondanti della politica aziendale della Chiesa Costruzioni, costantemente volta ad ottenere la massima soddisfazione dei propri clienti, ed a lasciare sul territorio un significativo segno della propria opera.

Tutto questo nel totale rispetto dell’ambiente!

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Our strength lies in our ability to design innovative architecture and restructuring conventional designs to accommodate to the needs of modern times.


History of construction is truly remarkable.From neolithic architecture to modern day buildings,from mud houses to high rise buildings , the tools and methods have evolved drastically.Archaeological records and surveys provide us with glimpse of structure that were built thousands of

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What is architecture , is it just an outlook , an opinion , a perspective or is it more than that ?? Some of the early examples of architecture might shed some light.It can be sufficely presumed by looking at

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Planning does not get better by chance it get's better on the ability to adapt and implement those changes.Project planning is an aspect of construction that require years of experience in construction,keep a project running in budget, handle problems ,creating

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Though not the first thing you notice,yet a roof has much to say about a home's style.Roof shapes and material differ widely , depending upon the usage, and from region to region, contingent upon the climatic conditions. Considering the traditional

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AADI construction started in 2014 as a painting contractor, ever since then we have been actively engaged at offering diverse range of services, building painting , renovation, industrial painting,home painting and waterproofing.We deal with texture painting,interior as well as exterior

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Still struggling with old-fashioned and defunct electrical system? Are you looking for customized electrical solution for your home and enterprise that operates hassle free and requires zero maintenance??   As an Electrical contractor we at AADI specialize in design ,

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Green housing or green construction refers to a structure whose design, construction and operation is sustainable , resource efficient ,and the design and material used is such that it allows indoor environmental quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization, waste reduction,structure

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La nostra azienda ti accompagna dalla progettazione al prodotto finale attraverso l’utilizzo di soluzioni innovative.

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